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Talks to Screen at Parents’ Events
for education

Covering critical issues faced by all teens and their parents.

Managing the Transition to Senior School

Explores the change in the parental role as children move into senior school.
Advice for parents as they adjust to their child’s increasing need for independence.
The consequences of helicopter parenting and how to build self efficacy.

£285 + VAT

Create Cultures of Success

Create cultures that:- promote growth mindsets, reduce the fear of failure, encourage creativity and give young people the permission to succeed without the pressure to succeed.

£285 + VAT

The Teen Social Scene

Helps parents understand why teenagers need to socialise. Why it is important for parents to be clear in their expectations when hosting a gathering. Peer pressure and how it may influence both parental and teen choices. The legal implications of providing alcohol for teens and how to host a successful party.

£285 + VAT

Teens & Relationships

Explores the changing relationships teenagers have with themselves, their parents & their peers & why they are particularly socially sensitive & reactive. How parents can help adolescents develop a healthy self-concept & sense of identity.
The importance of parental role modelling & engagement

£285 + VAT

Setting up for Exam Success

Set young people up for exam success. Explores healthy stress management & revision techniques. Examines the role of resistance and how to overcome it. Gives advice for peak performance & tips to help young people cope if their results are not what they were hoping for.

£285 + VAT

School Leavers

How to reduce the anxiety that many teens feel about leaving school & prepare them for the transition into the adult world. How parents can help teenagers explore their options & find the future that is right for them without putting them under undue pressure.

£285 + VAT

Building Resilience

Foster resilience in young people and explore the importance of allowing children to take risks and develop risk assessment skills.  Help children become self-reliant and build the confidence and resources to become independent and courageous individuals who can cope with life’s vicissitudes.

£285 + VAT

Talks to help parents and teachers work as a team.

Seven recorded Talks for Parents’ Events covering critical issues faced by all teens and their parents. Each talk is 10-12 minutes long and has accompanying notes. These talks offer schools and colleges an effective way to engage & inform parents when they are on site.

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