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A Proactive Approach To Mental Health & Wellbeing
Working to prevent mental ill-health in young people

At Teen Tips we believe in early intervention. By providing those looking after children and young people with access to up-to-date professional advice and practical tools, they are more equipped to deal with the pressures of growing up. We draw on the latest research from psychotherapy, psychology and neuroscience, along with Teen Tips Founder, Alicia Drummond’s experience of working as an adolescent therapist and being a mum.

Our training and resources are delivered via our webinars and talks and The Wellbeing Hub, a live and interactive web app which provides expert support for the whole school community to access.

We are passionate about helping schools, parents and carers deepen their understanding of childhood and adolescence in order to create environments which promote emotional wellbeing in young people.

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Our training courses can benefit anyone working with young people and add value to your staff wellbeing programme.

Our Beliefs

  • Early intervention is essential if we are to prevent mental ill-health in young people.
  • An aligned approach between parents, carers and professionals.
  • All those looking after children and young people should have access to professional, evidenced based support and advice. See our school sponsorship programme here.
  • In working collaboratively to promote positive mental wellbeing in young people. See some of our partnerships here.
  • We can make a difference.

What We Deliver

  • Emotionally resilient children
  • Environments which promote emotional wellbeing in young people
  • Children that thrive socially and academically
  • Up-to-date expert-lead advice and practical tools
  • Staff confidence in their pastoral role
  • Parents who feel supported and encouraged

How We Do This

We provide a proactive approach to mental health & wellbeing by offering support and guidance for every parent, pupil and member of staff via:

  • The Wellbeing Hub – a live and interactive platform with a team of professionals delivering new content weekly, making sure pupils, staff and parents have what they need, when they need it.
  • Our webinars and workshops which help staff, parents and pupils build resilience & self-efficacy.
  • Our Sponsorship Programme which allows schools and businesses to give back to children and young people in their communities by providing a maintained school with access to The Wellbeing Hub.