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Staff Online Pastoral CPD Course
for education

Senior Lecturer (Inclusive Ed.) Rosie Moore, University of Brighton

“These resources are superb; they are accessible, evidence-based & draw on a wealth of professional experience…Developing this understanding should be the foundation of every teacher’s training and professional development in order to understand how to respond appropriately to the social & emotional needs of their learners.”

Represents 10 CPD points and is designed for those working with young people.

People Makers & The OK Corral

Intrapersonal & interpersonal communication. Creating healthy internal dialogue and self concept. Understanding the OK Corral to spot the signs of low self esteem.

Child & Youth Development

Develop an understanding of Attachment Theory and how to work with the different attachment styles. Explore what neuroscience can tell us about attachment & trauma.

The Teenage Brain Explained

The adolescent brain and its impact on risk taking, experimentation, impulse & emotional control, recognition of social cues and why sleep matters.

Mental Health Awareness & Best Practice

Understand the factors affecting mental health, how to spot the signs of mental illness and intervention strategies.

Promoting Self-Awareness & Self-Management - Part 1

Strategies to help young people manage their emotions in flashpoint situations. Listening to understand unmet emotional needs.

Promoting Self-Awareness & Self-Management - Part 2

CBT & Neuroscience for staff and students. Developing and maintaining mental health & wellbeing.

Motivation - Theory & Practice

The impact of labelling; an introduction to Transactional Analysis; the Law of Attraction & the Hebbian Law.

Creating Cultures of Success - Part 1

Creating cultures of success that allow students to succeed without putting them under undue pressure. The theory of mindset explained.

Creating Cultures of Success - Part 2

Nature vs Nurture. The Relative Age Effect and how to develop self-regulation.


How to get positive outcomes from difficult interactions. Introducing the PAC Model & how to avoid the Drama Triangle.

CPD as it should be – evidence-based, interactive, engaging, cost effective, easy to access & practical.

Our CPD training – accredited by the CPD Standards Office – will benefit anyone working with young people.  When we understand the developmental journey and changes to brain structure that occur through childhood and adolescence we can adapt our practice to meet their needs.  Being able to spot the signs of mental distress is vital for early intervention and the prevention of long term illness.  Helping young people develop self-awareness, self-management, healthy self-esteem and self-efficacy is essential for mental health and wellbeing.  Creating healthy cultures of learning builds growth mindsets and allows young people to succeed without putting them under undue pressure.

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