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In The Press

“Your Hub has been a god-send, particularly at the moment when it can feel very lonely dealing with these teenage issues.”

M Hunt, Parent

In response to our Why Every Teenager Needs a Parrot talk for parents: 

“As the parent of an 18 year old boy who is planning his leavers trip to Portugal this summer I am going to make immediate use of the parrot strategy!”

Hannah, Parent, Ampleforth College, May 2021

“I have listened to four of the Teen Tips parent course so far. It is very good! Full of advice and good ideas. I listen to the sound version when on a walk or in the gym, so super easy to access.”

Penny, Parent

“Thank you!  We are so impressed with the Teen Tips Hub and think it will be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers and our beloved teens alike!  It has felt tricky at times navigating this uncharted terrain.  There is certainly no shortage of advice out there but it’s never in just one place and it never seems to answer all of the questions.  Alicia Drummond has done all of the hard work for us and presents her fascinating information (especially in the parenting course) in such a down to earth and accessible way.  The Careers section is also incredibly helpful. It is so reassuring to have this resource at our disposal and especially at the moment.  Thank you to all at Ibstock for facilitating this.  We are really grateful.”

Fiona, Parent, Ibstock Place School, London

“I would like to say a big thank you for all the resources, podcasts and live sessions, we find them so informative, helpful and the way you deliver the information is professional whilst also being completely accessible to parents.”

Melissa, Parent

“I’ve just joined your Hub while looking for some support in dealing with challenging relationship issues with my 13-year old and am really relieved, at this point, to discover your wealth of expertise and resources.”

Katrina, Parent

“I learned some insightful strategies which I have put into action with my two young teenagers to huge effect. It would not be overstating the impact of the talk to say that within 24 hours we have had a complete turnaround“

Jane Warren, Parent

“I would recommend this course to anyone, just wish I had done it sooner.”

R Atkinson, Parent

“Really valued the teen workshop you did for us at Epsom. Interesting, funny and my goodness… eye opening!! Thank you for sharing all your experience.”

Wendelien Bellinger, Parent

“If you want to be reassured that you’re not alone with the trials and tribulations of teenagers, Alicia will do it. A no-nonsense, positive approach – refreshingly human!”

A Bouthby, Parent

“Thank you for putting us on the right path, we are very grateful and I hope you have enjoyed hearing how you contributed to creating such a wonderful person.”

Katie, Parent

“Implementing the techniques was very easy and it truly made a difference to our family life in a very short period of time. Try it, it is well worth it!”

O Browning, Parent

“I hadn’t met (Alicia Drummond) before and she was astonishingly good. So much so, that what I really wanted was a hologram of her that I could bring out and put on the kitchen table in time of need, to say everything in just the right way for it to land well with the younger members of the family.”

C Welch, Parent

“Alicia combines up-to-date and thought-provoking information with hands-on advice and practical tips on everything one needs to know about this age group. Parents left greatly encouraged and inspired. We already have a waiting list for the next workshop.”

Susannah Deverill, Bryanston Parents Association

“Brilliant – has opened my eyes to so many different tools to create much better family time with my children. Wonderful strategies to set my children up to succeed, as well as myself.”

K Eastman, Parent

“All parents should do this course before launching themselves into their teenager’s lives. It’s invaluable and you leave with tactics to help create a happy, informed home life with skills to deal with the problems that inevitably come our way.”

H Edwards, Parent

“As a Dad of two fantastic and feisty boys (ages 13 and nearly 12), I learnt a great deal about how to tackle their current emotions and to provide the life coaching that they need from me. I now feel much more prepared for what to expect from them as they embrace becoming bonafide teenagers. Fantastic morning!”

R Gambetta, Parent

“Just a quick note to thank you for another great teen talk last night. I always come away having picked up so many tips that I can use with the children and thinking about the way you approach situations.”

Jo, Parent

“Firstly a big thank you for your very inspiring and informative workshop last week at St John’s. It has certainly given me some valuable tips and the confidence to use them!”

Kim Hunt, Parent

“This was my second workshop with Alicia as I wanted my husband to attend too. These sessions are so useful and unbeatable when it comes to arming us with strategies to deal with our two teens and our pre-teen. It is so reassuring that we aren’t alone in our battles and nice to come away with a positive attitude towards the privilege of raising teenagers! Thank you very much!”

Eva Olsson, Parent

“Alicia is great because she imparts her knowledge in such a relaxed way and uses her own family as examples. Her honesty was very welcome and entertaining.”

K Pickett, Parent

“Thank you very much for the wonderful workshop today at St John’s. I really found it helpful! I only wish my husband could’ve been there to hear all the tips too.”

Meredith Shaw, Parent

“I would recommend investing the time to attend this fabulous course.  All children are a blessing and even the most loving and dedicated parents can learn new insights which support the healthy development of their children.”

K Sallows, Parent

“It’s great to hear other people’s experiences. Makes you re-evaluate how you do things. Very relaxed and friendly group.”

L Sheridan, Parent

“The skills you learn are such a useful and rewarding way to help and guide ones children through the ups and downs of childhood.”

J Thompson, Parent

“Teen Tips came to our school and wow what a difference from other parenting advisers!”

Vicky, Parent

“A wide range of easy to remember nuggets of information. Practical and relevant situations discussed.”

R Webb, Parent

“I wanted to sincerely thank you for your really informative and highly practical session at Epsom College last Saturday. I took away a lot of useful tips and have been talking to lots of other parents this week about them.”

Jacqui, Parent