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Complete Parenting Teens Course

As parents we know how precious time is.  Access our training at a time, place and pace to suit you. 

Parenting teenagers can feel like a game of catch up, as their world evolves and changes so rapidly.  If you like to feel confident and prepared for whatever challenges might arise, you will love this course.  If you are facing a new situation and are unsure how to respond, go to the relevant lesson for fast answers.

The course is available in audio or video format (with subtitles) so you can learn in a way that fits into your life.

The course is only available through membership of our Wellbeing Hub.

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Our Online Courses for Parents

Teen Development

A guide to understanding the psychological developmental drive of adolescence & how it impacts on behaviour, emotions & parenting

The Teen Brain

Learn why teenagers are easily upset; how to avoid conflict and why they will make some crazy decisions.

Teens and Risk

How to give teenagers more independence whilst keeping them safe; help them make good choices and not be swayed by peer pressure.

What Teens Need

How to change your parenting style to meet the developmental needs of your teenager & remain effective during this challenging stage.

Teens and Communication

How to talk to teens so they will talk to you & how to use communication to build strong relationships.

Teens and Emotions

Learn tools to help teenagers manage difficult emotions & avoid drama.

Motivating Teens

How to motivate teens so that they take responsibility for themselves & their learning & develop self-esteem.

Creating Confident Teens

How to make teens competent so that they develop confidence.

Teens & Boundaries

How to set effective boundaries to stop problem behaviour.

What to do When it all Goes Wrong

A six step problem solving model to help you stay calm, confident & effective when tempers flare

How To Help Your Child Manage Anxiety

This talk is for younger children aged 2-10 yrs. It was originally recorded in April 2020 for parents of Esher Groves CQC Healthcare Clinic and we thought you might find it helpful.

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