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Vaping workshop: the latest research on E-cigarettes and their use by young people
by Alicia Drummond, BACP Accredited Therapist and Founder of The Wellbeing Hub

We discuss the types of vapes available on the market, misconceptions of vaping, what we currently know about vaping according to official figures, and how young people are using vapes.

We also cover how and where young people are obtaining vapes and which are the most popular brands amongst young people, super capacity vapes, the serious environmental impact of vaping, safety implications, and what research is currently lacking.

Finally, we share resources for teaching children and young people about vaping, discuss how staff might respond to children of different ages who are found to be vaping, explore appropriate sanctions, consider how/if school policy supports pupils who vape to quit smoking, the role of social media in glamorising/promoting vaping, and what other countries have implemented to tackle the problem.

Download the vaping workshop notes HERE.