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Child-on-child abuse and coercion with Adele Eastman, Senior Counsel in Farrer and Co’s safeguarding unit and a board member for The Centre for Social Justice

We talk to Adele Eastman about child-on-child abuse and coercion. Adele defines child-on-child abuse and explains the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and child criminal exploitation (CCE). Additionally, we cover key updates on contextual safeguarding, intersectionality and adultification, and address the issue of harmful sexual behaviour, including the impact on children and young people watching pornography. Finally, Adele shares her solutions for preventative interventions.

Advice On Street Safety For Young People with Aran Dharmeratnam, International Specialist In Personal Safety

We invited Aran Dharmeratnam, an internationally known security consultant who specialises in personal safety, mind body training and resilience coaching, to discuss the risks currently facing young people on the streets, both at home and abroad. We discuss the issue of gang culture and how to avoid it, as well as how to avoid street aggression, extremism, drug culture, and more. Aran shares his advice on what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation when abroad, and what do to if it goes wrong. This is a great one for young people who are about to go travelling.