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Journaling For Trauma & Self-development With Dr Gillie Bolton, Author & Researcher On Therapeutic Writing

We talk to Dr Gillie Bolton about the benefits of therapeutic writing. Gillie has written numerous books, including The Therapeutic Potential of Creative Writing, Write Yourself, The Writers Key and Writing Cures, all of which address the potential of writing to help us manage our emotions. Gillie shares her knowledge and experience of therapeutic writing in this honest, thought-provoking discussion.

Journaling for Wellbeing & Stress Reduction with Francesca Geens, The Happy Self Journal

To mark Stress Awareness Month, we invited Francesca Geens, creator of The Happy Self Journal, an organisation that creates daily award-winning journals for children, teens and grown-ups. The journals use scientifically proven methods to reduce stress, promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture curiosity. We discuss the benefits of journaling for wellbeing, the different types of journaling, how to engage young people with journaling, and how journaling reduces stress and contributes to a growth mindset.