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Support Your School Community

Make pupil wellbeing central to your offering. We can tailor our talks and training to meet your pastoral needs.

Exceptional pastoral support

We know that the number of young people experiencing mental health difficulties has grown exponentially over the past few years and getting help has become increasingly difficult.  We believe in prevention and The Wellbeing Hub helps schools to create healthy environments for pupils, and:

  • Give staff confidence in their pastoral role
  • Encourage healthy parental engagement
  • Help staff cope with the pressures of the job
  • Help staff and parents recognise the intrinsic link between performance and wellbeing
  • Empower staff to generate cultures of success
  • Create a holistic education
  • Support and complement the work of PSHE teams

“it will make an immediate difference to my practice”, B. Edwards, Teacher, Oakham School.

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Talk To Us About Your Needs

“Of all the training packages I have trialled, Teen Tips’ Online Mental Health and Wellbeing Course for Staff has been the most accessible, enlightening and the best.”

Dr Preetpal S. Bachra, Head of Pastoral Care, Bryanston

Equip your school with exceptional pastoral support:

The Wellbeing Hub for Schools

Developed by experts to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of children and young people, The Wellbeing Hub from Teen Tips is a trusted source of wellbeing support for your parents, pupils and staff. It includes:

Staff CPD Course | Parents Courses | Weekly Podcasts & Articles | Live Q&As | Careers Resources | PSHE Lesson Plans | Access to Specialists | Q&A Library | Staff Forum | Pupil Hub


Our Webinars for pupils, parents and staff address current needs, and promote self-awareness and confidence.

“These (online staff training) resources are superb; they are accessible, evidence-based and draw on a wealth of professional experience…

Developing this understanding should be the foundation of every teacher’s training and professional development, in order to understand how to respond appropriately to the social and emotional needs of their learners.”

Rosie Moore, Senior Lecturer (Inclusive Education), University of Brighton