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Support Girls Around The World To Claim Their Right To An Education

Our friends at Restless Development are running their UK Power Up Appeal to support girls claim their right to education.

We know that the power of education can be life changing. But in countries like Sierra Leone, girls are being held back. There are many problems forcing girls to drop out of school, the pandemic being one of them.  If we act now, being denied an education doesn’t have to be the reality for this generation of girls.

You can get involved and support their Power Up Appeal which is being supported by the UK Government, meaning anything you donate or fundraise until the 6th June 2022 will be matched pound for pound, therefore doubling your impact.

With your help the Power Up project will help more than 15,000 girls to enrol in schools, stay in school and build their own future. 

To find out more, listen to our podcast where we are joined by a young woman who has been part of a Restless Development programme supporting young girls to go to school and complete their studies. 

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Young people who use self-harming behaviours: a podcast with Fiona Yassin, Internationally registered psychotherapist and Founder and Clinical Director at The Wave Clinic, Malaysia

Fiona talks to us about her experience with young people who use self-harming behaviours. She covers why young people engage in self-harming behaviours and who are the most vulnerable and at risk groups. She also discusses the different types of self-harming behaviours, how to spot the signs and how to support and approach the subject with young people who may be engaging in these behaviours.

Child-on-child abuse and coercion with Adele Eastman, Senior Counsel in Farrer and Co’s safeguarding unit and a board member for The Centre for Social Justice

We talk to Adele Eastman about child-on-child abuse and coercion. Adele defines child-on-child abuse and explains the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and child criminal exploitation (CCE). Additionally, we cover key updates on contextual safeguarding, intersectionality and adultification, and address the issue of harmful sexual behaviour, including the impact on children and young people watching pornography. Finally, Adele shares her solutions for preventative interventions.

Advice On Street Safety For Young People with Aran Dharmeratnam, International Specialist In Personal Safety

We invited Aran Dharmeratnam, an internationally known security consultant who specialises in personal safety, mind body training and resilience coaching, to discuss the risks currently facing young people on the streets, both at home and abroad. We discuss the issue of gang culture and how to avoid it, as well as how to avoid street aggression, extremism, drug culture, and more. Aran shares his advice on what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation when abroad, and what do to if it goes wrong. This is a great one for young people who are about to go travelling.

Understanding Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) with Leading Doctors From The Evalina London Children’s Hospital

We talk to Dr Tammy Hedderley, the lead Consultant Paediatric Neurologist in the Tics and Neurodevelopmental Movements Service (TANDEM) at The Evalina London Children’s Hospital, Dr Tamsin Owen, the Lead Educational Psychologist at TANDEM, and Claire Gross, a clinical nurse specialist at TANDEM, about Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) and how it impacts the lives of young people with the condition. Dr Owen, Dr Hedderley, and Dr Gross share their practical tips and advice for parents, carers, and practitioners on how to support individuals with FND.

Journaling For Trauma & Self-development With Dr Gillie Bolton, Author & Researcher On Therapeutic Writing

We talk to Dr Gillie Bolton about the benefits of therapeutic writing. Gillie has written numerous books, including The Therapeutic Potential of Creative Writing, Write Yourself, The Writers Key and Writing Cures, all of which address the potential of writing to help us manage our emotions. Gillie shares her knowledge and experience of therapeutic writing in this honest, thought-provoking discussion.

Parental Mental Illness with Dympna Cunnane, Psychologist & Chief Executive of The Our Time Charity

We invited Dympna Cunnane, a psychologist and the Chief Executive of the Our Time Charity, to discuss parental mental illness and how to support families in need. Dympna shares her advice for parents with poor mental health on how to talk to their children about their illness. We also discuss the challenges faced by children, how schools can help, and finally, what support parents and children need.

Radicalisation: What Every Parent Needs To Know with DCI Tiffany Chapman from Counter Terrorism Policing

We talk to DCI Tiffany Chapman, Safeguarding Lead in the Counter Terrorism Police (CTP), about radicalisation in children and young people. We discuss what radicalisation is, how to tell if a young person is being radicalised, who the targets are, how to support children and young people, and finally, how to prevent this happening to your child.

Understanding Tourette Syndrome with Lucy Toghill & Ione Georgakis from Tourettes Action

We talk to Lucy Toghill and Ione Georgakis from Tourettes Action, the leading support and research charity for people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) and their families, about TS and how it manifests in children and young people. TS is often misunderstood, so the purpose of this podcast is to dispel the myths associated with the condition and to help spread awareness to enable parents, carers and teachers to support young people with TS. We discuss what TS is, how it manifests, what makes tics better or worse, co-occurring conditions, and TS and sibling relationships.

Journaling for Wellbeing & Stress Reduction with Francesca Geens, The Happy Self Journal

To mark Stress Awareness Month, we invited Francesca Geens, creator of The Happy Self Journal, an organisation that creates daily award-winning journals for children, teens and grown-ups. The journals use scientifically proven methods to reduce stress, promote happiness, develop healthy habits for life and nurture curiosity. We discuss the benefits of journaling for wellbeing, the different types of journaling, how to engage young people with journaling, and how journaling reduces stress and contributes to a growth mindset. 

My Journey as a Transgender Man – Xavier Singer-Kingsmith 

To celebrate LGBTQIA+ History Month, we invited Xavier Singer-Kingsmith, an artist, filmmaker, and illustrator to share his story of being a trans man and the factors that helped him love and accept his identity. Whether you want to expand your understanding of the experiences of people in the LGBTQIA+ community, or whether you’re questioning your identity, this podcast is for you.

Mental Health Campaigner Lottie Leach on Children’s Mental Health

To celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week, we invited Lottie Leach, a mental health campaigner and a winner of the celebrated Diana Legacy Award, to share her story of struggling with a mental illness. We discuss the shame and stigma surrounding mental health problems, and how important it is for young people to access support before they reach crisis point. 

The Role Of Play In The Development Of Children & Young People

With Christmas around the corner, we thought it would be a brilliant time to talk to the wonderful Dr Amanda Gummer, a neuropsychologist, author, and the founder of The Good Play Guide. We discuss the role of play in the emotional, cognitive and social development of children and young people, and how it acts as a preventative tool for mental ill-health. Finally, Amanda gives us some helpful tips from The Good Play Guide, just in time for the Christmas break.

My Career In The Food Industry, Thomasina Miers, Winner of MasterChef 2005

We talk to Thomasina Miers, winner of MasterChef 2005 and the co-founder of Wahaca and the Chefs in Schools programme, about the ups and downs of her career and her struggles with mental health. Thomasina shares her tips on how to bounce back from ‘failure’, nurturing resilience, and what sparked her love for sustainability in the food industry. This is a great one for when you’re needing a little career inspiration or perhaps some motivation.

Gender-Based Violence with Natasha Eeles, Bold Voices

This podcast came about because of the recent publicity around ‘Everyone’s Invited’ and the topic of consent and harassment. We thought it would be a good time to talk to Natasha and hear her thoughts on how we can approach these issues, as well as how we can facilitate healthy conversations about consent & gender-based violence with young people.

Alicia on Times Radio

We’re delighted to announce that Alicia was interviewed by Kate Borsay on Times Radio on Friday. They discussed the impact that lockdown has had on the social and mental health of children and young people. Alicia also shares her thoughts on what support is needed to reacclimatise them with school.

Empowering Advice For Teenage Girls with ITV Presenter, Suzanne Virdee

We were delighted to record a podcast with ITV presenter, Suzanne Virdee on all things teenage life, specifically for girls. We cover topics like sexism, female empowerment, resilience and self-confidence, as well as how we can help teenage girls thrive through adolescence and beyond.

In Conversation with Helen Burns of Papyrus – Suicide Prevention

In our latest podcast, Alicia speaks to Helen Burns, Suicide Prevention Adviser for charity, Papyrus on how to talk to and support young people, the signs to look out for and what we can do as adults to prevent young people from taking their own lives.

In Conversation With Ben Williams – Find Your Edge

Alicia speaks to Ben Williams of Find Your Edge in a podcast about resilience. A truly eye-opening and inspiring conversation on Ben’s teenage years of drugs and brushes with the law, to a decade in the Marines, shaping who he is today.

Talking Teenagers [A Coronavirus Conversation]

We were delighted to collaborate again with James Shone and James Sertin on their Talking To Teenagers series.

Talking Teenagers – Parenting Tips

Alicia shares some of her parenting gems with James Shone and James Sertin from Talking Teenagers, to help promote strong self-esteem and emotional resilience.